The Crisis Response Program now covers Reedsport, Oregon!!!

Every day, every hour, the calls come in from Parents, Grandparents, Foster Parents, and others adults in the lives of children, ages 17 and under, who are suffering from mental health issues that impact their ability to stay safe. It is sometimes hard to believe the pain that children, teens, and their families bear each day. So often, the families and youth feel alone and without help or hope.

A dad calls. In the background there is terrible yelling and screaming from his 10 year old son with Autism. It’s been going on for 45 minutes. A mother calls after finding that her 13 year old daughter has been cutting her forearm with a razor. During an IEP meeting at school, parents find out that their son has been telling his friends that he wants to die. A six year old boy has become so anxious about going to school, he becomes aggressive when his mom tries to get him to the bus.

There is help. There is hope. The Child and Adolescent Crisis Response Program, serving Lane County, OR for the last 10 years, has expanded to cover Reedsport, OR!  The Crisis Response Program is dedicated to providing support and help parents, foster parents, adoptive parents, and other caregivers when their child is experiencing a mental health crisis. We provide crisis intervention services to families, children, and adolescents 24 hours a day, 365 days per year at no cost to families. The program can be accessed directly by youth, family member, or community partners.

The program, funded in Reedsport by Trillium and run by the Child and Adolescent Network, can be reached by calling 888-989-9990 at any hour.

When you place a call (What to expect)
q  Telephone support is available in all areas served.
q  A call to the Crisis Response Program will connect you with a Crisis Worker. 
q  If all Crisis Workers busy with other callers, you may need to leave a message for a call back.
q  If your child is currently in counseling, the Crisis Worker will encourage and help you access crisis services provided through the child’s counselor.
q  Our Crisis Response Worker will talk with you and work toward resolving the crisis situation over the phone.  The goal is to provide assistance to you which will help you stabilize the situation, restore safety in the environment, help you create a short-term plan, and provide appropriate referrals to the community.  Calls may last between 15 minutes and 1.5 hours or more.
q  Crisis Response workers can, if you would like, follow up by phone on the situation and referrals provided within the next day or two. 

What if talking on the phone is not enough?
(Services below are under evaluation for Reedsport, but not yet available outside Lane County)
q  Most crisis situations can be resolved over the phone.  Sometimes, however, a crisis might need a different, or more intensive intervention. 
q  If the Crisis Worker handling your call believes that an on-site intervention is warranted and the situation is safe, we may, with your permission, send a Crisis Response Team.
q  Crisis Response Teams of two or more Crisis Response Workers provide crisis intervention services on-site at a home/placement, in a public place such as a hospital, or in conjunction with police or emergency services involvement.
q  Crisis Response Teams generally arrive within an hour.  The Team will contact you by phone and let you know approximately when they will arrive.  In outlying communities, the travel time will increase the response time.
q  Team members are easily identified by “Crisis Response Team” identification cards.
q  In situations where a crisis situation cannot be safely resolved after other avenues of Crisis Intervention have been exhausted, a voluntary Crisis Care Placement may be authorized by the Crisis Response Team.  All placements must be requested and permitted by the parent.  A Crisis Care Placement usually lasts 24 hours but may last longer if needed.

For information about the program, to request flyers or cards, to let us know about community resources, or to receive updates about services in your area: Contact Mark Beach at 541-726-1465 x207 

The Child and Adolescent Network is a collaborative effort of:
 The Child Center, Looking Glass, and Jasper Mountain.

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